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In 2023, we are publishing our first CSR report which highlights our initiatives to address social and environmental concerns.
We have defined four areas of commitment linked to our Purpose.


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Pillar 1

for the well-being
of consumers

Pillar 1: An offering that respects all forms of life and biotechnology for well-being

Innovation at Naolys means:

• Constant innovation: we study the “living world”, our R&D is therefore by definition evolving and a constant source of solutions.

• Innovation for Women and Men: biotechnologies developed by Women and Men for Women and Men.

• Innovation to contribute to the well-being of Women and Men.

An overview of our actions

• We systematically carry out in vitro objectivation tests for all of our actives to prove their efficacy.

• We do not carry out tests on animals, in accordance with our ethical code and current regulations.

Our ambition is to offer new perspectives of active ingredients in addition to our original biotechnology and to benefit other sectors working for the well-being and preventive health of Women and Men.


Pillar 2

to the health of the planet & the resilience of the plant world

Pillar 2: climate change, biodiversity and sustainability of all our processes

Our ambition: Exemplary

The latest report published jointly by the IPCC and IPBES in June 2021 is a scientific review that confirms our conviction: climate change and the erosion of biodiversity are two closely linked crises. For Naolys, it’s one and the same battle: climate change contributes directly to the loss of biodiversity, so there can be no long-term future for plants without combating climate change.

Our environmental strategy is structured by level of commitment, each contributing to the health of the planet and more particularly to the resilience of the plant world: from the preservation of nature made possible by our production process to its regeneration as part of our sponsorship of climate initiatives, and the preservation of plant heritage through our callus bank, enabling the preservation of rare and endangered plant species.

Plants are an integral part of our identity, they’re at the heart of our biotechnology. Naolys is pursuing 3 distinct approaches to ensuring their resilience and our survival that depends on it: preservation, regeneration and sustainability of biodiversity.

An overview of our prospects

• Continue measuring our carbon footprint through a new calculation of our GHG emissions in 2023 and our efforts to reduce emissions from our direct and indirect activities.

• Continue our partnerships with the NGOs with which we already work, while considering collaborating with new organizations.

• Strengthen our partnership with the Bordeaux Botanical Institute.

• Reduce the use of single-use plastic.

• Limit water and electricity consumption.

• Recover our waste.

Pillar 3

that our teams can flourish

Pillar 3: responsible & transparent governance, well-being, equality and inclusion

Ensuring the well-being of our teams

Social benevolence is the best way to describe our desire to help our employees flourish. This can only be achieved when all the right factors are in place.

At Naolys, we look at fulfilment at work from several angles, all of which are important and complementary, because the best way to innovate for the well-being of our consumers is to first ensure the well-being of our teams.

The health and safety of our teams is of course of essential but, beyond that, it is the broader balance between personal and work life, and the commitment of our teams to making the company a success, that are essential to ensuring that Naolys is a fulfilling place to work.

Supporting each employee in their career path through training and embracing diversity, equality and inclusion are our conditions for success.

An overview of our prospects

• Create work groups on our main challenges relating to the personal growth of our employees, in particular their training requirements.

• Continue to increase the social benefits of all employees.

• Involve our employees in collective climate protection initiatives.

• Continue our commitments to increased diversity within our workforce, by including more young people, maintaining gender equality, and guaranteeing 100% permanent contracts.

• Strengthen our training efforts with a focus on the prevention of psycho-social risks.

Pillar 4

sustainably with our partners

Pillar 4: quality, safety & traceability of actives, responsible purchasing, ethics and durability

Developing the dialogue with each stakeholder so as to optimise our impact

Naolys is at the heart of the living world, not only through its biotechnology, which exalts plant life, but also through the role our company plays in an ecosystem made up of multiple active stakeholders. Progressing sustainably with our partners, means developing the dialogue with each of them in order to strengthen our impact.

We have a triple role:
• Sharing best practice with industry bodies in France and internationally with a view to accelerating our climate transition efforts.
• Researching solutions with the academic and scientific world that have a stronger environmental and social impact.
• Co-constructing with sectors other than cosmetics, in order to innovate for the wellbeing of as many people as possible.

Our ambition is to work with our stakeholders over the long term to build the resilient solutions of tomorrow, both for the development of high-performance actives and for the emergence of new biotechnologies that improve our environmental, social and societal impact.

An overview of our prospects

• The drafting of an ethics charter that integrates internal and external requirements.

• CSR point of all our suppliers to ensure a chain of purchasing transparency.

• Ensuring the security and confidentiality of our customers’ and partners’ data by means of an information security charter in compliance with GDPR.

• Strengthen access and exchange of good practices in the cosmetics sector, in particular on CSR issues by joining Cosmetic Valley in 2024.

• Maintain the impact on the local basin thanks to the sustainability of our partnerships, with 20 years of existence, with the research ecosystem in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.