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Vegetal species


Protection, Unwind and Repair

Ecofriendly natural range

Dedicated to any type of face skin

A face care RANGE

A basic yet sophisticated face care routine in 5 steps

Protect, balance and strengthen


A day/night anti-ageing serum with

Initial Face

A protecting and repairing serum for
fragile areas with

Optimum Living

A day cream with

Unwid and repear

Unwind Moment

A relaxing oil to prepare the skin
before sleep with

Overnight Glow

An energizing night cream with

Naolys has created 5 products with different actions, depending on your skin’s needs, and whose effects can therefore be combined by using them all together. They are of course entirely natural and biodegradable, in accordance with Naolys’ philosophy. Even the packaging is almost completely recyclable.


We expect skincare products to reduce the effects of natural ageing and exposure to light, while respecting the skin’s metabolism, to protect us against environmental threats and internal imbalances, to repair damage to our skin that is unavoidable and to be pleasurable when we apply them.

Create your own range

Choose from a range of

• 70 tested products

• 25 products with clinical tests

• 70 species from the Western and Eastern sides of the planet

in 4 forms

Four formats of formulation

• For water-based formulations, emulsions:
20% cells dispersed in 80% glycerin

• For transparent galenics, gels, formulations in spray form:
20% cells sonicated in 80% glycerin

• For oils, balms, any oil-based formulations:
20% cells sonicated in 80% sunflower oil

• For powder form:
100% cells in powder

ecofriendly natural RANGE

Dedicated to any type of face skin