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Soothing Light Vervain

The controlled regulation of inflammation


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A vegetal story

The aromatic herb dedicated to gods and spirits



As a perennial herbaceaous and aromatic plant growing in the whole North hemisphere, the vervain is not endemic of a specific territory. It grows spontaneously in sunny areas, wildernesses and along paths. Its tiny tubular lilac flowers produce a very nourishing nectar that attracts both bees and butterflies. Entirely comestible, the vervain can be used infused, its petals eaten, as its blanched leaves with a dressing. But its medicinal proper- ties discovered in Ancient times made it popular: it is supposed to be diuretic, sedative, to fight headaches; when locally applied, it would sooth (ulcerous) wounds and eczema. That’s why it has quickly become a key plant in rituals made by druids, priests and other chamans from West to East to predict the future, get rid of bad spirits and purify altars.


Because sensitive skins feels always aggressed, it is necessary to better regulate several mechanisms of inflammation. For a skin in harmony with its environment, soothed, and with a tone more even.

Marketing claims


Calming, decreases irritations by increasing the level of skin tolerance.


Helps skin to get a tone more radiant, decreases rednesses by improving its microcirculation.


• INCI name of cells: verbena officinalis callus extract
• Aspect: liquid
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%

How it works ?

Soothing Light Vervain: decreasing major factors of skin inflammation

Soothing Light Vervain acts on two levels of the inflammatory system, the one of inflammation mediators, responsible for irritations, and the other of vasolidators, responsible for redness. Its part consits in reducing the release of those components that are scattered in skin. Most of them can be found at the level of the epidermis or dermis for blood vessels.


Thanks to those different actions, skin gets back a sensitivity more consonant with its environment and keeps on fighting external aggressions.