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Fragile Japanese Cherry tree

The controlled soothing


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A vegetal story

The Japanese cherry tree, a Japanese symbol for life and death



Glorified by poets for the moving beauty of its flowering beauty and by samouraïs as their mystic symbol since the 17th century, the Japanese Cherry tree has become very popular among Japanase. Indeed the abundant flowering of those cherry trees coming from the East of Asia, called Hanami, is celebrated every year in spring time by the population who can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of trees bending under the weight of white to pink flowers (according to cultivars). That symbolic tree can be found in all the Japanese litterature, from novels written during Shoguns time to contemporary mangas.


Because skin can be irritated at any time by several environmental factors or be intolerant a short time, it is necessary to limit the uncomfortable sensations that it creates while maintaining its part as a barrier. In order to never feel we have skin.

Marketing claims


Calming, decreases irritations by increasing the level of skin tolerance.


Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces excessive production of free radicals.


• INCI name of cells: Prunus serrulata leaf cell extract
• Aspect: liquid
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%

How it works?

Fragile Japanese cherry tree: limiting basic inflammation reactions in the epidermis

Fragile Japanese Cherry tree provides a regulation of the mediators of inflammation, that are molecules synthetised by keratinocyts in response to external aggressions – but that give a sensation of irritation – by decreasing their release in their skin. It limits also the production of free radicals induced by UV and physiological, that drives not only the suppression of immune defenses inside cells but also the release of mediators.


Thanks to those actions, skin is free from sensations of irritations and better protected. It can keep on fighting against daily aggressions and oxidations.