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Sun Protect Commiphora

The global cell protection


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A vegetal story

The Commiphora, the precious tree of the myrrha



As a small tree growing wild in East Africa, Middle East and India, it is very resistant to temperature changes and dryness. Myrrha, the famous resin, extracted from its trunk, was used in the momification technics in the civilization of Ancient Egypt and, in Ayurveda, for healing properties against skin deseases, nevralgic deseases and, arterioslerosis. It represents Myrrha’s teardrops; Myrrha was the daughter of king Theias, who, according to the Metamorphosis written by the poet Ovid, gave birth to Adonis, then, she was transformed in a myrrh tree.


Because skin is day-to-day attacked by sun rays, especially UVB, it is necessary to protect it against their consequences inside skin cells and then to increase their defenses. For a stronger and better protected skin.

Marketing claims


Preserves DNA and limits DNA damages induced by UVB. Completes the action of a mineral or classical sunscreen.


Increases skin own protection by modulating the skin’s immune defense system.


Calming, decreases irritations by increasing the level of skin tolerance.


• INCI name of cells: commiphora myrrha leaf cell extract
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Aspect : liquid
• Concentration : starting at 0.5%

How it works ?

Sun Protect Commiphora acts both on the internal protection of epidermis cell and on the control of their defenses when they are «irradiated» by UVB.

First, it provides anti-irritative and immuno-modulative actions, that give and extend a controlled and higher internal cell defense to keratinocytes. Second, it provides a biological protection while preserving their DNA, the element at the root of their operation.


Thanks to those actions, skin resists better external aggressions. It is therefore better protected against cell ageing due to those aggressions.