white rose flower

Smooth Lightening White rose

Controlling the origins of radiance


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The story

The white rose, the elegance of purity

Rosa alba, Rosaceae

Because of its no-colour and its crown of simple petals, that hybrid rose symbolizes purity and innocence since the Greek Antiquity, as it was the flower of Aphrodite, the young goddess of beauty. Now it is an ancient rose cultivated for its hardiness, its soft and strong perfume and for its essential oil. Nevertheless it would grow naturally in Asia minor. Since christianism appeared, it is dedicated to Mary, to the major events of our lives and to endless love.

Because loosing radiance comes from internal and external factors, toxins and oxidizing agents, that damage skin. To keep a completely radiant skin. To get a beautiful skin complexion.

Marketing claims

Protection & radiance

Lightening, contributes to radiance, helps to limit marks, protects, limits aggressions due to pollution, anti-oxidating, anti-ageing, oxygenating, relaunches skin respiration, against dull skin

Use advice

In skincare and make-up products like cream, fluid, serum, balm, gel, foundation, concealer...

In any cosmetic and skincare product dedicated to contribute to skin radiance and to protect it from outside aggressions

  • INCI name of cells: Rosa alba leaf cell extract
  • Form: Cells (20%) dispersed in vegetal glycerine (80%)
  • Aspect: Liquid
  • Concentration: Starting at 0.5%
  • Dispersible in any formulation

How it works ?

First SmoothLightening White Rose helps to get or to keep a better cell respiration at a global level, that is at the origin of the skin metabolism. When kept at a sufficient rythm, metabolism can contribute to a good elimination of toxins. Second that active will decrease cell oxidation due to atmospheric pollution, an oxidation, that generates a shading off to complexion coming from free radicals. Third it will regulate a chaotic pigmentation by acting on the enzyme tyrosinase responsible for the production of melanin, therefore the creation of marks.

Thanks to those different actions, epidermis gets back a clearer and lightener complexion.