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Revive Commiphora & Rose from Damas

The cell reactivation


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The story

The commmiphora, the precious tree of the myrrha

Commiphora wightii, Burseraceae

Commiphora is a small tree growing wild in East Africa, Middle East and India, very resistant to temperature changes and dryness. Myrrha, the famous resin, extracted from its trunk, was used in the momification technics in the civilization of Ancient Egypt and, in Ayurveda, for healing properties against skin deseases, nevralgic deseases andarterioslerosis.

The story

The rose from Damas, a symbol of love, beauty and renewal

Rosa damascena, Rosaceae

Cultivated since the Ancient times for its exceptional fragrance and its medicinal properties (petals and oil ar told to be tonic, antiseptic and astringent), that ancient rose flowers twice a year is one of the most important component in the perfume industry. Today it is a universal symbol of beauty, and in Europe, it is associated to the mythical goddess of beauty: Venus.

Because with ageing, skin cells slow down their activity, it is necessary to reinforce their global system. To maintain a skin fit, that keeps a younger aspect longer.

Marketing claims


Improves skin metabolism. Helps to stimulate cell regeneration and all cell functions in the epidermis.


Helps to get a smoother and even skin.


Contributes to densify the dermis. Helps to improve or restore the dermis functions, skin resistance.

Use advice

To be used in skincare or make-up products such as cream, fluid, serum, balm, lotion, milk, foundation, concealer, etc. In any cosmetic or skincare product dedicated to relaunching skin cell activity.

Key points

An active plant cell

Developed to deliver the highest amount of original active molecules.

A high tech natural ingredient

Created to preserve and improve the identity and the benefits of a natural product.

A general anti-ageing action

Increases key mechanisms damaged by cell ageing.

  • INCI name of cells: commiphora myrrha leaf cell extract and rosa damascena leaf cell extract
  • Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
  • Aspect: liquid
  • Concentration: starting at 0.5%
  • Dispersible: in any formulation

How it works ?

Revive Commiphora & Rose from Damas: the relaunch of cell activity at two skin levels

Revive Commiphora & Rose from Damas relaunches cell activity at the level of epidermis and dermis in order to better relaunch skin cell functions. Indeed, at the level of dermis, it relaunches the production of fibers that support skin (3 types of proteoglycans and collagens) made by fibroblasts. And at the level of epidermis (keratinocyts), it boosts the cell and mitochondrial energetic metabolism, while maintaining a balance of produced energy forms. These are ATP, ADP and AMP, chemical substances, nucleotids, that interfere in the producing chain of cell energy; therefore ATP, the final product can be used directly by skin cells.

Thanks to that double action, the two cell types will «wake up» and will find the level of activity needed to keep skin in a working order.