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OxyRelax California poppy

Reinforcing anti-oxidation weapons


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The story

The California poppy, the good flower from the American West

Eschscholzia californica, Papaveraceae

Imported in Europe in the XIXth century, that species from North America with flowers yellow orange, very ornemental, which grows on rather dry or sandy soils near ocean and up to 2000m, has become the symbol of California. As a day flower, its petals close at night. It is a precious plant, it secrets a toxic latex, and is rich in alcaloids and other components, indeed it was used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. Today its extracts are prescribed for their sedative, tranquillizing and antispasmodic properties in phytotherapy.

Because the first outside aggression that affects skin is oxidation (due to UV, stress, pollution, etc.), it is necessary to help skin to better fight against it. To get a skin stronger and more efficient.

Marketing claims

Protection & anti-oxidation

Protective, anti-oxidating, cell relaxing, reinforces natural cell defenses against oxidation, limits damages due to pollution, UV and tobacco, anti-ageing.

Use advice

In skincare and make-up products like cream, fluid, serum, balm, lotion, milk, foundation...

In any cosmetic or skincare product dedicated to protect skin from cell oxidation

  • INCI name of cells: Eschscholzia californica leaf cell extract
  • Form: Cells (20%) dispersed in vegetal glycerine (80%)
  • Aspect: Liquid
  • Concentration: Starting at 0.5%
  • Dispersible in any formulation

How it works ?

Skin oxidation consists in the production of primary free radicals, that damage skin cells, from the membran to their DNA, therefore speed up their ageing. OxyRelax Californian Poppy will support the two natural cell weapons that neutralize thatproduction: by increasing the action of anti-oxidation enzymes - superoxide dismutase and catalase - and by replacing the ultimate defense proteins, the HSP70 (Heat Shock Proteins), so epidermis cells can be relaxed.

Thanks to those actions, cells are supported and less in demand, then they can work longer and better answer outside aggressions.