mirabilis jalapa four o’clock flower in OvernightEnhance product by naolys

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C]

Boosts night-time skin recovery


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The story

Four O’Clock + Caffeine

During the night, the skin intensifies it vital renewal cycle; this process slows down with age and as a result of damage caused to the skin during the day; to revitalize this cycle, Naolys has created a new plant cell complex consisting of "four o'clock flower" (Mirabilis Jalapa) cells with integrated caffeine. A multicoloured plant from subtropical America, belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family, four o'clocks only open their fragrant flowers to pollinating insects during the night. We don’t need to present caffeine, a precious alkaloid. Enriched by the synergy with the caffeine, the plant cells increase the bioavailability of all the active ingredients that they deliver to the skin.

The skin's regeneration and repair processes are most active during the night. They decrease with age and damage from the environment. However, they can be boosted by reinforcing certain key nocturnal metabolism mechanisms. For more relaxed, radiant, skin and better resistance to external threats during the day.

Marketing claims


Revive the complexion’s radiance, enhances uniformity of skin colour.


Restimulates internal metabolic mechanisms, boosts the overall activity of skin cells, reinforces energy production.


Helps the skin to repair daytime damage.

Lightening, detoxifying

Promotes the elimination of toxins, increases micro-circulation in the skin.


Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces the creation of free radicals.

Use advice

To be used in skincare products like cream, gel, lotion, balm, fluid, serum, essence, etc. In any skincare product aimed at general skin improvement.

Key points

A biotechnological complex

A reinforced assimilation of active molecules.

Innovative design

A medicinal plant species combined with a well-known active plant molecule.

Chronobiological action

Targets skin activity during the night.

  • INCI name of cells: Mirabilis Jalapa Callus Extract (and) Caffeine
  • Aspect: liquid
  • Form: cells (20%) in glycerine (80%)
  • Concentration: starting at 0.5%

Active Face Care

This product is used in Overnight Glow, An energizing night cream

How it works ?

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C]: reinforced cellular metabolism

Several studies have recently highlighted the difference between night and daytime skin activity.
During the day, skin cells protect themselves against oxidative stress and environmental damage, such as the formation of free radicals formed by UV and other harmful molecules such as pollutants and heavy metals. At night, regenerative and cellular nutrition mechanisms are activated to repair the damage sustained during the day. Unfortunately, ageing and over-exposure to daytime threats decreases the skin's night-time cellular repair capability. In the same way as a lack of sleep.

Nocturnal skin cell activity

diagram of the nocturnal skin cell activity

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] strengthens the cellular metabolism processes necessary for healthy cell function.

Metabolism: acting on the sources of mitochondrial activity

Mitochondria are double-membrane organelles in cells responsible for cellular respiration and the production of the cell's energy: using special enzymes, they convert glucose into ATP (the energy molecules that are essential for cell function).

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] increases mitochondrial activity, thereby enhancing cellular metabolism whatever the age of the cells.

Cellular oxidation: acting on the heart of the respiratory system

At night, skin cells may no longer be at risk from UV, but they are at risk from other factors, including certain oxygenated free radicals formed by the mitochondrial respiratory chain, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). These can cause cell lesions at several levels and induce the creation of new free radicals.

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] reduces the formation of the free radicals responsible for cell damage.

Metabolism: transporting nutrients and facilitating cellular exchanges

As the epidermis is not vascularised, the role of blood microcirculation is to bring nutrients to the keratinocytes and to facilitate their metabolic exchanges, which are also essential to their function. This microcirculation is also hindered by the free radicals generated by cellular respiration.

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] preserves microcirculation in the skin that has become hindered by endogenous oxidation.

Thanks to its action on overall cell metabolism, OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] enhances the complexion's radiance and the general well-being of the skin.

Clinical study

Effect on well-being and radiance after one night and after 28 days

An increase in the radiance and brightness of the complexion after one night and after 28 days
  • An increase in the complexion's radiance of 60% and 63%
  • An increase in the complexion's brightness of 64% and 70%
Declaration of the women in the panel
  • 86% of women reported that their skin was more unified
  • 82% of women reported that their complexion was homogeneous and unified
  • 77% of women reported that their complexion was fresh, radiant and bright
Study details

Tests were carried out for 28 days on a sample of 22 women aged 25 to 65 years-old (average age: 55). Measurement performed by self-scoring. Application once at night (at bed time). Emulsion containing 0.5% of OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] (dispersion, 20% cells).

Effect on the radiance and luminosity complexion by clinical scoring

graph of effect radiance luminosity complexion by clinical scoring