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InitialE [PT+TMG]

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The story

Tuberose + betaine

Naolys' objective with this new plant cell complex, that combines tuberose cells and betaine (trimethylglycine or TMG) integrated into the cells for the first time, is to provide comprehensive action on the three major changes that occur in the area around the eyes: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles, using the molecular synergy between the cells and natural betaine. Tuberose is a white heliotrope flower that originated in Mexico and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century; it is now cultivated in India, North Africa and China, for use in perfumery. It releases a heady, sweet, penetrating fragrance which intensifies with nightfall. Extracted from beetroot (beta vulgaris), glycine betaine was the first betaine of plant origin to be discovered in the 19th century. Enriching a plant cell in this way increases the bioavailability of all the active molecules that it contains.

Because the eye area can change in many ways in two key locations - the eyelids and corner of the eyes - it is necessary to act simultaneously to slow these changes, that are mainly due to a lack of hydration, a slackening of the tissue or a slowing of micro-circulation in the skin. For a more uniform, smoother, brighter look and a more youthful appearance.

Marketing claims

Anti-wrinkle, anti-circle,

Reduces circles, puffiness, crow's feet and wrinkles on the eyelids.


Enhances radiance, uniformity of skin colour; promotes the elimination of toxins, increases micro-circulation in the skin.


Contributes to the densification of the dermis. Helps to improve or restore dermis functions, increases skin resistance.


Reduces skin irritation.


Keeps water in the epidermis and the quality of the hydrolipid film. Helps to restore the skin barrier.

Use advice

To be used in skincare or make-up products like cream, fluid, serum, balm, lotion, milk, foundation, concealer, etc. In any cosmetic or skincare product intended to combat changes in the area around the eyes.

Key points

A biotechnological complex

A reinforced assimilation of active molecules.

Innovative design

A fragrant plant species combined with a well-known active plant molecule.

Complete revealing action

Helps re-establish the original appearance of the area around the eyes.

  • INCI name of cells: Polianthes Tuberosa Callus Extract (and) Betaine
  • Aspect: liquid
  • Form: cells (20%) dispersed in vegetal glycerine (80%)
  • Concentration: starting at 0.5%

Active Face Care

This product is used in Initial Face, A protecting and repairing serum for fragile areas

How it works ?

InitialE [PT+TMG]: restimulates circulatory and tissue mechanisms

We make our first contact with others via our eyes. Our general appearance counts to a large extent on our face, because its expressiveness reveals much of our personality. We take particular care of it during our daily beauty treatments.
The skin around the eyes is very delicate. It is three to five times thinner than on most of the face (0.5 to 0.001 mm). It is therefore very sensitive to the slightest internal or external pressures to which it is subjected: ageing, poor lifestyle (lack of sleep, smoking), and also the inherent fragility of the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation system that deteriorates with time. Furthermore, it is constantly worked by the orbicular muscle. It is thus the first part of the face to show signs of age.
With age, the area around the eyes changes; it can alter its shape and colour; it is therefore necessary to act on several of the mechanisms involved in order to reduce these changes.


diagram of the eye

InitialE [PT+TMG] helps to restore the shape and original colour of the area around the eyes.

Rediscover the original shape of the area around the eyes

Several changes take place over time. Crow's feet and wrinkles on the lower eyelids appear due to a deficiency in tissue rigidity, since the very thin dermis lacks collagen and elastin; this phenomenon develops with time and is aggravated by the eyes' constant blinking (more than 1,000 times/day). Secondly, as the epidermis is also thinner, the hydrolipidic film has a reduced thickness and a tendency to dry out more frequently.

InitialE [PT+TMG] helps to redensify and rehydrate the area around the eyes.

Rediscover the original colours of the area around the eyes

The area around the eyes is rich in mast cells, making it susceptible to intolerances, irritations and allergies, which can cause it to redden. Furthermore, lymphatic micro-circulation and blood flow often slow down. This can lead to the appearance of circles, due to a deficiency in the return flow of blood (blue rings) and/or an accumulation of blood pigments in the connective tissue (brown rings). Also a swelling of the eyelids or puffiness, which can be caused by a slackening of the tissues.

InitialE [PT+TMG] contributes to the regulation of inflammation and revives circulation in the skin.

Through its action on the quality of the fibres and the colour of epidermis, InitialE [PT+TMG] enables the area around the eyes to regain brightness and its original shape.

Clinical study

A general improvement in the three major alterations that occur in the area around the eyes in 30 days

Circles, puffiness and wrinkles reduced in 30 days, application twice a day
  • General increase in skin radiance of 23%
  • Decrease in circles of 16%
  • Decrease in puffiness of 13%
  • Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles of 11%
Declaration of the women in the panel
  • 76% of women reported that circles were less coloured
  • 61% of women reported that puffiness was reduced
  • 52% of women reported that crow's feet were reduced
Study details

Emulsion with 0.5% InitialE [PT+TMG] (dispersion form, 20% cells). Test carried out for 30 days on 21 women aged 45 to 65 years, with circles, puffiness and crow's feet on the area around the eyes. Measurement of circles, wrinkles and puffiness by a standardized visual scoring using an Evalux bench® (Orion concept) with calibrated lighting (leds - 6000°K).

Evolution through time of the treated area after 30 days
(% of variation)

graph of assessment of anti-wrinkle effect