HydraGeneration Papyrus

The restauration of the hydrolipidic balance


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The story

The papyrus, a symbol of the Nile and of the ancient Egypt

Cyperus papyrus, Cyperaceae

As an African aquatic plant, papyrus lives with roots immerged by fresh water, and always in the sun. Today it is an endangered species in the Delta of the Nile. Handmade from 2500 B.C., papyrus sheets were the writing medium of the ancient Egypt civilization. Papyrus was both a royal symbol in the Low-Egypt and a symbol of life coming from the primordial waters, as many architectural and ornemental elements show. That species was a god symbol too, the «hathoric» symbol of power (as Hathor is the mother of all Egyptian gods).

Because skin hydration consists in a good balance between water and lipids in epidermis. To keep longer a smoothier and a more supple skin. And a better dehydration-fighter skin.

Marketing claims

Hydration & protection

Hydrating, helps to rebuild the hydrolipidic film, to maintain the cohesion of epidermis, limits the skin dryness process, provides skin suppleness and softness, regenerating, restructurating, helps to restore skin barrier, to reinforce skin protection.

Use advice

In skincare and make-up products like cream, fluid, serum, balm, lotion, milk, foundation, concealer...

In any cosmetic or skincare product dedicated to maintain or to reinforce skin hydration

  • INCI name of cells: Cyperus papyrus leaf cell extract
  • Form: Cells in powder (100%)
  • Aspect: Beige powder
  • Concentration: Starting at 0.1%
  • Dispersible in any formulation

How it works ?

HydraGeneration Papyrus has a quick action on the water circulating in epidermis by avoiding that it evaporates. In the same time, it restores the hydric circuit thanks to a stimulation of the cell renewal. Besides it contributes to the creation of lipids like free fatty acids, cholesterol, ceramids, etc., elements which are in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and help to keep corneocytes together. Those cells of the strateum corneum play precisely skin barrier part.

Thanks to that better hydrolipidic balance, epidermis limits dryness process and provides a better protection against outside aggressions.

Clinical study

Hydrating effect after 28 days of treatment:

Increase of corneometric values - face - by 66% (and by 56% after 30 days)

Average data of corneometric values (UA)

graph of hydrating effect for eight hours after single use

Hydrating effect for 8 hours after single use:

Increase of corneometric values - legs - by 69%

Average data of corneometric values (UA)

graph of average data of corneometric values
Study details

Survey made on 20 women during 28 days | Emulsion with 1% of HydraGeneration Papyrus (powder)