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Healthy Shine Lilac

For renewed balance and shine


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The story

Fragrant flowers, a precious remnant of the19th century

The scientific name of « syringa » comes from the hollow stem of lilac shoots; despite its small size – 2 to 5 m – this shrub can live for up to 40 years. Originally from the outer reaches of South-Eastern Europe, it made its way into European gardens in the 16th century, when it was introduced to Italy. In the19th century, people liked the fragrant creamy white and purple flowers so much that they were used as decoration inside houses and the French horticulturist Victor Lemoine created numerous lilac cultivars. Regarding medicinal uses, only the tonic and antipyretic effects of its leaves are known. A symbol of love and fertility in Antiquity, lilac is now only used for ornamental purposes.

Because hair can be affected by numerous environmental and internal factors, (UVB, stress, pollution, etc.) that damage it and make it dull, it is necessary to repair and strengthen its basic defence and growth mechanisms. For healthier, shinier hair.

Marketing claims

Restoring shine and damaged hair

Smoothes away hair scales, reinforces natural protection. Harmonizes hair along its entire length. Restores natural shine.


Reduces irritation of the scalp and roots.


Reinforces the production of cell energy in the hair roots.

Protective (antioxidant and anti-pollution)

Reduces the formation of free radicals, including after exposure to UVB and residues of pollutants. Prevents damage.

Use advice

In hair products such as mask, serum, balm, etc. In any hair product dedicated to strengthen and repair hair and scalp. Any type of hair, especially damaged hair.

Key points

An active plant cell

Developed to deliver the highest amount of original active molecules.

A high tech natural ingredient

Created to preserve and improve the identity and the benefits of a natural product.

Total balancing action

Repairs and restores for healthy hair.

  • INCI name of cells: syringa vulgaris (Lilac) leaf cell extract
  • Aspect: liquid
  • Form: 20% cells dispersed in 80% vegetal glycerin
  • Concentration: Starting at 0.5%
  • Dispersible: in any formulation (emulsion, lotion, fluid)

Active MAKE-UP

This product is used in Deeper Look, A mascara enriched

How it works ?

Healthy Shine Lilac: restoring biological balance

Hair follicle

diagram of hair follicle

Multifunctional action in the heart of the hair follicle

To fight against the harmful effects of all these factors, Naolys proposes a reparative and preventive action in order to restore healthy hair. Healthy Shine Lilac has a multifunctional effect on hair, acting on all three parts of the hair: the root, the scalp and shaft.

Rebalancing hair at its source

The hair root, the living part of hair, is located in the dermis: it is embedded at an angle in the scalp and contains the hair follicle in a little sack. At the base is a “bulb” or hair matrix, that has a small cavity in its lower part, the papilla, where numerous small vessels bring nutrients via the blood and nerve fibres. It is here and on the scalp that imbalances due to environmental and internal factors become apparent.

At the level of the bulb and epidermal cells: Healthy Shine Lilac reduces inflammation at the level of the hair bulb and scalp.
Healthy Shine Lilac reduces oxidation at the level of the hair bulb.
Healthy Shine Lilac increases energy production at the level of the hair bulb.

Repairing the hair shaft and cuticle

The visible hair shaft, a very strong filament, is made mainly of keratin, dead cells that have migrated from the root. Its structure consists of three tubular layers one inside the other, the medullar canal in the centre, the thick cortex, that produces melanin, and the cuticle that forms an impermeable protective barrier, made of layers of cells arranged in scales. This outer layer suffers mechanical damage on a daily basis.

At the level of the hair shaft: Healthy Shine Lilac repairs and enhances shine.

Repaired, soothed, protected, and strengthened by Healthy Shine Lilac, hair will become shiny and healthy again, and will be better protected against damage from the environment and internal factors.

Clinical study

Repairing effect on the hair after 28 days

Conditions of the study:
  • Testing for 28 days on 20 women aged 20-45 years with black damaged hair.
  • Application once a day to the entire scalp and hair.
  • Emulsion with 0.5% of Healthy Shine Lilac.
Declaration of the women in the panel:
  • 90% declared that their hair was shinier
  • 80% declared that their hair was less damaged

Evolution of increased shine hair
Before - after — 28 days

evolution of increased shine hair
Study details

Testing for 28 days on 20 women from 20 to 45 years, with black damaged hair.