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First Light Snow lotus

To restore an initial radiance


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A vegetal story

The Snow lotus, a precious Asian Alpine medicine herb



As an Alpine species growing in snowy mountain peaks throughout China, like the Huangshan mountains of Anhui in the West or in North of Tibet, it lives in rocks between 3500 and 5000m. It has become a good replacement for another species (saussurea laniceps), as it can be found at lower altitudes, and is now used most often in Chinese medicine. Indeed it is well known to heal head injuries, menstrual disorders, and as a remedy for arthrisis or a tonic for weakness. Despite a long germination time and very hard soil environments. it gets brillant white owers on dark green leaves.


Because ageing and oxidative stress unbalance some essential mechanisms regarding complexion, it is necessary to put them back at their original level. For a more radiant and balanced skin.

Marketing claims


Helps skin to get a tone more radiant, by detoxifying and oxygenating skin cells.


Helps to reduce brown spots and improves skin complexion.


Increases epidermis cell regeneration.


Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces excessive production of free radicals.


• INCI name of cells: saussurea involucrata callus extract
• Aspect: liquid
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%

How it works ?

First Light Snow lotus: to initiate the balance of essential mechanisms in the epidermis

First Light Snow lotus balances four main processes in the epidermis that can be unbalanced by ageing or oxidative stress at the epidermis level: cell renewal, cellular respiration, production of melanin and cell oxidation. Then, it increases cell proliferation, that will remove melanin in the upper layers of the epidermis. By improving cell respiration, it increases the elimination of toxins that have been accumulated in skin. By limiting the production of melanin, it helps skin to be more uniform. At last, by decreasing cell oxidation, it allows cells to be in operation longer.


Thanks to those actions, skin gets a better balance and can improve its pigmentation aspect.