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Power Extension [HSB+R]

Stimulating cell metabolism reduced by ageing


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The story

“Blue bird” Hibiscus Syriacus + Rutin

For the development of this innovative product, Naolys created an unusual new plant cell complex. the objective was to use the plant cell as a natural vector and to merge two natural, complementary sources of activity. this plant cell complex is composed of an active cell of “Bluebird” hibiscus, a recent ornamental hybrid species (hibiscus syriacus) into which a rutin molecule extracted from Japanese knotweed has been introduced. It is a 100% plant active ingredient, made from a cell created by Naolys biotechnology and a rutin molecule, a well-known naturally occurring bioflavonoid. This enriched plant cell increases the bioavailability of all the active molecules in the cell.


With ageing, cell metabolism slows down and changes; all the mechanisms for skin cell development gradually deteriorate. To maintain skin cell function, it is necessary to restimulate the basic metabolic mechanisms, while reducing the main cause of their deterioration: natural and induced oxidation. Power Extension [HSB+R]: a transverse action to fight skin ageing.

Marketing claims


Restimulates internal metabolic mechanisms, boosts the overall activity of skin cells, reinforces energy production.


Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces excessive production of free radicals.


Decreases deep and superficial wrinkles on the face, including mature skins, especially crow’s feet.


• INCI name of cells: Hibiscus Syriacus Callus Extract (and) Rutin
• Aspect: Rich and light emulsion, milk, balm, Beige powder Starting at 0.1% serum, anhydrous formulae
• Form: Beige powder
• Concentration: Starting at 0.1%

How it works ?

Power Extension [HSB+R]: a transverse action.

To fight against the weakening of skin cell functions due to ageing

The Proteasome in the cell organization

(localization of processes, transcription, synthesis and breaking down)


Cell growth and metabolism are not only dependent on the presence and activation of critical proteins but also their breaking down. Indeed with ageing, due to the effect of free radicals, proteins become less stable and less functional. The proteasome, a macro-molecular complex that assembles proteolytic activities, located in the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells, is responsible for cleaning the cell and the breaking down of oxidized, modified, obsolete proteins. But with ageing, its action slows down. At the same time, it has been proven that cell respiration decreases with ageing.

Power extension [HSB+R] increases the activity of the proteasome and cell respiration thereby maintaining cell metabolism at an optimum level.



When they breathe, cells absorb oxygen to create energy. Nevertheless oxygen can be toxic and its use requires protective mechanisms against its oxidant power (such as superoxide dismutase, vitamins C and E). Actually, some of this molecular oxygen is not completely reduced and results in the production of molecules that appear in the respiratory mitochondrial chain and are toxic for cells.

Power extension [HSB+R] decreases the damages induced by cell oxidation by decreasing the creation of free radicals.


Thanks to its numerous effects on cell metabolism and oxidation, Power Extension [HSB+R] decreases the formation of wrinkles.

Clinical study

An overall decrease in wrinkles in 28 days at all levels (length, number, average depth)


• Decrease in wrinkle area of 27%
• Decrease in total number of wrinkles of 21%
• Decrease in total length of wrinkles of 30%
• Decrease in average depth of wrinkles of 2%


• 95% declared that dehydration wrinkles seemed to soften
• 85% declares that wrinkles seemed reduced

Study details

Emulsion with 0.1% of Power Extension [HSB+R]. Testing for 28 days on 20 women from 40 to 65 years, with crow’s feet. Assessment made by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides).

Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect

(mean data)