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New ReGeneration Cocoa

Restoring skin tissues


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A vegetal story

The Cocoa tree, the magic fruit tree connected to ancient gods



«Food of gods», – theo (god) broma (beverage) – this is how Linnaeus called Cocoa in the 18th century, as Mayas and later Aztecs thought the drink made with cocoa beans – xocolatl in Aztec language – useful to communicate with gods, even after death, more than 2000 years ago. Indeed they started to cultivate Cocoa trees in the tropical rainforests they lived in. To answer an increasing worldwide demand for chocolate, cocoa trees are cultivated now even in the sun now in Africa or Indonesia for instance, and with pesticides and sometimes children labour in some African countries. Full of precious molecules, including alcaloids like theobromine and caffeine, and minerals like potassium, magnesium or calcium, parts of cocoa tree have been used as a medicinal remedy in tropical areas for antiseptic, diuretic, parasiticide or as a skin and scalp treatment, or as a heart tonic.


Because skin needs dense and regenerated tissues, it is necessary to maintain their «creation» and cohesion at a sufficient level. To get a skin firmer, more resistant, looking younger.

Marketing claims


Contributes to densify the dermis. Helps to improve or restore the dermis functions, skin resistance.


Increases natural epidermis cell regeneration.


Restores higher levels of the synthesis of fiber and glycoproteins in the extra cellular matrix.


Contributes to strenghen the protective skin barrier.


• INCI name of cells: theobroma cacao (Cocoa) leaf cell extract
• Aspect: liquid
• Form: cells (20%) dispersed in vegetal glycerine (80%)
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%

How it works ?

New ReGeneration Cocoa: relaunching the inner process of skin structure creation and cohesion

NewRegeneration Cocoa acts on the formation of tissues that changes with ageing: this change means a sagged and thinner skin. Indeed, natural skin ageing is translated by a slowing down of creation of the very material of skin, that happens especially because cells slow down their activities. Then, at the dermis level, New ReGeneration Cocoa will stimulate the synthesis of fibers in the extra cellular matrix: collagens, proteoglycans, and proteins responsible for their cohesion in the dermo-epidermis junction. In the same time, they help to balance regeneration of epidermis in terms of production of keratinocytes and specification of cells, a process that decreases with ageing.


Thanks to those actions, the two skin layers can be more densified and globally balanced.