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MReload Sequoia

Better protection for skin against ageing


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A vegetal story

A thousand-year-old protected giant



Discovered in the 18th century, this tree is a survivor from the ancient forests of North American. Growing up to 100 metres high, it is a pyrophyte: the mineral-rich ash facilitates the germination of its seeds, and it can live for more than 1,000 years. Despite its comparatively shallow roots, it is very resistant to fire. Drawing in large quantities of water, it plays a very important role in the ecosystem of California’s forests. Finally, it is also a symbol in the mythology of the native Californian Indians, who consider it to be a sacred, protecting tree that links them to their ancestors in their original tribes.

MReload Sequoia

Naolys Active Cells

Better protection for skin against ageing

Because men’s skin can be damaged by an intensive lifestyle, particularly in the case of city dwellers (pollution, stress, sun, lack of sleep, etc.), it needs to be simultaneously toned and protected, by acting on the key mechanisms on a daily basis.

For recharged skin that stays younger-looking for longer.

Marketing claims


Decreases deep and superficial wrinkles on the face, including mature skins, especially crow’s feet.


Contributes to densify the dermis. Helps to improve or restore the dermis functions, skin resistance.


Keeps water in the whole epidermis. Strengthens the cutaneous barrier.


Reduces the formation of free radicals, strengthens internal antioxidant protection, especially the action of anti-oxidant enzymes.


Calming, reduces temporary inflammatory processes. Regulates inflammation.


• INCI name of cells: Sequoia sempervirens leaf cell extract
• Aspect: liquid
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%

Active face Care for Active men

This product is used in Skins Reload, A day and night multi action cream, and Ultimate Perk, A high concentrated serum

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How it works ?

MReload Sequoia: slowing the ageing of men’s skin



Men’s skin is naturally thicker (60 μm vs. 50 μm for women) and oilier (due to higher levels of sebum, caused by a 10-times-higher level of testosterone than women) and firmer (due to a greater quantity of collagen). The current trend for beards in the West protects men’s skin from the damage caused by daily shaving (dehydration, irritation, redness) but in Asia, in urban environments, because they tend to have less full beards, men’s skin can still be damaged (due to practising sports, air conditioning, etc.), particularly as men have more developed microcirculation, making them more prone to redness.

These three factors (thickness, sebum and collagen) enable the ageing of men’s skin to be slowed down. However, from the age of 40, this accelerates, and deep wrinkles can appear relatively quickly; the area around the eyes is particularly affected.

It is therefore important to take preventive measures, and to repair physiological and environmental damage resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and irritation.

Origin of alterations of men skins


MReload Sequoia: double action on skin ageing, prevention and repair



By increasing and maintaining water in the upper layers of the skin, which tends to evaporate more quickly with age MReload Sequoia enables drying to be reduced and maintains the skin barrier against daily physical and chemical damage. The skin keeps its original smooth appearance and is better protected against external threats.

By relaunching the production of the skin’s support elements (collagen and proteoglycans), which declines with age, MReload Sequoia enables the skin’s resistance to be maintained and for slackening to be prevented.

MReload Sequoia consolidates the skin’s two strategic layers.



By reducing the inflammatory response, through regulation of the immune system mechanisms that increase with age and exposure to daily light radiation, MReload Sequoia enables the skin’s tolerance threshold to be increased.

By reducing general oxidation – through a reduction in the formation of ROSs and an increase in antioxidant enzyme activity – which increases with age and exposure to daily light radiation, MReload Sequoia helps to maintain normal cell activity for longer.

MReload Sequoia strengthens the general defence system for the upper layers of the skin.


Thanks to its firming and protective action, MReload Sequoia helps the skin to age more slowly and to reduce wrinkles.

Clinical study

Reduction in wrinkles after 28 days on male skin


• Decrease of the total surface of wrinkles of 21%
• Decrease of the number of wrinkles of 14%
• Decrease of the length of the wrinkles of 19%


• 61% said wrinkles appeared to be reduced, 65% fine lines
• 52% said their skin looked firmer
• 57% said their skin looked younger
• 74% said their skin looks brighter

Study details

Tests were carried out for 28 days on a sample of 22 men aged 41 to 60 years, with different types of skin (regular, dry skin, combination skin or oily skin). Application twice a day. Emulsion with 0.5% of MReload Sequoia (liquid form, 20% cells).

Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect

(mean data)