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Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily

Slowing down the internal unbalance of cells


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A vegetal story

The Egyptian blue lily, a divine symbol in a mythical civilization



As an aquatic plant of South, blue lily comes out of water, it doesn’t lie at the surface; but like any lily, it was cooked for a long time before (its rhizom). Its original environment first was the calm waters of Nile because it comes from Africa and likes hot climates. Very often used in religious rituals, it represented many concepts in Ancient Egypt: a symbol of creation and of god Nefertem, therefore a symbol of power, but also a symbol of renaissance for Egyptians. It is often found on buildings as a decoration component.


Because every type of skin components is hit by degradation, it is necessary to limit some by actions in the heart of skin. To keep a younger skin for a long time.

Marketing claims


Limits the internal cell degradation, and cell disorders, increasing with ageing.


Slows down general cell oxidation, reduces production of free radicals.


Contributes to keep original cell and molecular functions in skin.


• INCI name of cells: nymphaea caerulea leaf cell extract
• Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
• Aspect: liquid
• Concentration: starting at 0.5%
• Dispersible: in any formulation

How it works ?

Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily: limiting internal modifications at the main skin levels

Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily contributes to the inside «rejuvenation» of cells at two levels, thanks to a global action. First, it decreases physiological and induced oxidation in cells of epidermis, meaning damages of cell quality by the creation of free radicals which destabilize cell structures, therefore their functions. Second, it decreases the physiological modification of proteins in the dermis by acting on an ageing process: glycation, a chain reaction that modifies the proprieties of collagens and elastin by disrupting them and preventing their renewal, then fibers get stiff.


Thanks to that action, cells and their proteins keep on functioning at a normal level: skin keeps its resistance, its suppleness and elasticity.

Clinical study

Decrease of wrinkles (crow’s feet)


• Decrease of the total surface of wrinkles by 20%
• Decrease of the number of wrinkles by 17%
• Decrease of the lenghth of wrinkles by 23%

Study details

Survey made on 20 women during 28 days, with crow’s feet. | Emulsion with 0.5% of Inside Heart Egyptian blue lily (dispersion form). | Assessment made by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides).

Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect

(mean data)