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Foreseen Shield Nopal

Limiting ageing caused by solar rays


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A vegetal story

Foreseen Shield Nopal, limiting ageing caused by solar rays



Born in the centre of Mexico, that cactus with an original shape caracterized by its organization with cladodes (or raquettes) has been introduced in the Old World in the 16th century where it specially grew in the Mediterranean area. Nowadays it is cultivated for its fruits, the Barbarie figs and the young edible cladodes (called nopalitos) and their numerous culinary and medicine uses, discovered by Meso- American people since the 16th century. Indeed, nopal would be healing, anti-oxidating (thanks to the vitamin E it contains), and, according to some studies, it would help to decrease glucose and lipids in blood. It is designed on the Mexican flag since the independance of Mexico.


Because skin loses little by little its density when ageing, it is necessary to keep the production of skin fibers at a good level. For a skin firmer, more elastic, more resistant and with less wrinkles.

Marketing claims


Helps to decrease wrinkles, increases the skin defense system, limits ageing, due to UV rays, contributes to decrease melanine spots.


Protects DNA cells, anti-oxidating, limits free radicals, helps to get an even tone.


• INCI name of cells: Opuntia ficus indica leaf cell extract
• Form: Cells in powder (100%)
• Aspect: Beige powder
• Concentration: Starting at 0.1%
• Dispersible in any formulation

Active Face Care for Active men

This product is used in Ultimate Perk, A high concentrated serum

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How it works ?

Foreseen Shield Nopal limits the numerous bad mechanisms induced by UV rays, which damage and make skin old quicker, at levels of demis (UVA) and epidermis (UVB).

First, it protects skin cells in their environment by limiting the creation of free radicals that desorganize their functions, but also till their DNA by limiting their destruction. Then it decreases the anarchical production of melanine caused by UV, and it increases the tolerance of skin, by limiting the production of cytokins produced by aggressed epidermis cells.


Thanks to those actions, epidermis cells keep on regenerating tissues and keep on protecting skin system longer.

Clinical study

Anti-wrinkle effect


• Decrease of the total surface by 31%
• Decrease of the number of wrinkles by 21%
• Decrease of the length of wrinkles by 26%
• Decrease of the depth of wrinkles by 3%


• 85% of women declared that their wrinkles seem to have decreased
• 81% of women declared that their spots seemed reduced

Study details

Testing made on 20 women, from 47 to 66 years old, with crow’s feet, during 28 days. | Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides) | Emulsion with 0.1% of Foreseen Shield Nopal (powder).

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