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Vegetal species


Targeting efficiency

All natural RANGE

Taking care of the environment and men’s skin

A face care RANGE

2 essential products

To protect and moisturize

Skins reload

A day and night multi action cream

will protect, moisturize and limit wrinkles

To fight any type of ageing

Ultimate Perk

A high concentrated serum

will protect, repair, moisturize, soothe and limit spot and wrinkles (2.5% concentration)

These two essential light creams should be included in a daily cleansing
and care routine, in the morning and at night. Consisting of mainly natural ingredients (95%), they comply with Naolys’ philosophy of respecting
the environment and biodiversity


We expect skincare products to reduce the effects of natural ageing and exposure to light, while respecting the skin’s metabolism, to protect us against environmental threats and internal imbalances, to repair damage to our skin that is unavoidable. And for it to be pleasurable when we apply them.

Create your own range

Choose from a range of

• 70 tested products
• 25 products with clinical tests
• 70 species from the Western and Eastern sides of the planet
in 4 forms

4 forms available

• For water-based formulations, emulsions:
20% cells dispersed in 80% glycerin

• For transparent galenics, gels, formulations
in spray form:
20% cells sonicated in 80% glycerin

• For oils, balms, any oil-based formulations:
20% cells sonicated in 80% sunflower oil

• For powder form:
100% cells in powder

All natural range

Taking care of the environment and men’s skin

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